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Middle Mohigan Football was founded in 2020. In creating the Middle Football program, South and Suncrest Middle Schools combined teams to become one Mohigan Football Family. Due to a technicality, the program is referred to as South Middle School Football with the WVSSAC. Mohigan Football is a proud tradition in Morgantown, WV that dates back to 1905. The Mohigan Football Team had humble beginnings, but is now a traditional powerhouse in West Virginia Football. The Mohigans were Runner-Ups in 1998 and the program has won 5 State Championships: 1983, 2000, 2002, 2004, & 2005.

The Middle Mohigan Football Team  provides a tremendous opportunity to participate in this storied program, earlier and longer than ever before. Middle school athletes can now wear the Mohigan colors 3 years prior to their high school football careers. With both Varsity and JV teams there is an unprecedented opportunity to get experience for more athletes at the middle school level. Our program is also a part of the North Central 7 (NC 7) Football Conference.

Student Athletes can take part of the Mohigan Tradition and take pride creating a lasting program that paves the way for younger generations. Mohigan Football creates and instills values in student athletes that make the student better at their core. We entrust our athletes to become hardworking,  honest, diligent, resilient, natural leaders who are most importantly part of a TEAM.  Our program is the foundation at which your student athlete will prepare themselves for adulthood.

Middle Mohawk Bowl Champions





ALL TIME RECORD: 13-14 (.481)

Our Feeder Programs

Morgantown Youth Mohigans 

Pewee  (Ages 7-10)

Midget (Ages10-12)

Mountaineer Youth Football Conference 

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 A Team (4-6th Grades)

B Team (1st-3rd Grades)

Mountain State Youth Football League


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